Basic Course on Spa Tourism

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Spa Tourism has been an important part of medical treatment in Central and Eastern Europe for a very long time. Today�s spas are certainly catching on to the benefits, both physical and mental, while visiting SPAs. Combining the benefits of a spa visit with a holiday, either at home or overseas, has become increasingly popular in many markets and a growing interest in holidays that provide health and well being benefits, as well as relaxation, have opened up new opportunities for many tour operators and service providers. An increasing interest in more alternative lifestyles and therapies, fitness, weight-loss treatments, detox diets, mineral and thermal skin treatments and massage and yoga are seen as an antidote to the stress and strain of modern life. This wave of well being and health is part of a more generic move towards more varied holidays and a desire to seek out new experiences, which are in general more active and focused than a traditional beach holiday. This course is designed for Travel & Tourism professional to explore this new area of activity and get benefited in his / her career.

1 Evolution of Spa 7 14 7
2 Types of Spa 7 14 9
3 Spa Herbs & Oils 7 14 9
4 Spa Treatments 8 16 8
5 Benefits of Spa 8 16 9
6 Recent Trend in Spa 5 10 7
7 Spa Facilities 6 12 5
8 Spa Industry 15 29 12
9 Spa Tourism 5 10 7
10 Spa Destinations 7 14 7
11 Spa Tour Packages 6 12 6
12 Careers in Spa 4 8 5
Total 12 85 169 91

Basic Course on Spa Tourism

COURSE FEE : INR 6500.00/ USD 100.00


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