Basic Course in Cheese Tourism

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Cheese is relatively late entrant in the field of Tourism, however, it is following the same steps of wine and it is not wrong to say 'CHEESE is the new wine". A network of cheese trails is developing all over the world in Cheese producing areas. This represents the dawn of new tourism called Cheese Tourism. People are looking for new ideas to travel and cheese has all the complexity and sophistication to really take on people's interest. People are excited not only to taste the best of the cheese of a specific region but also cover a trail which is built from a shop to cheese making factory. These trails have captured the attention of many cheese producers and many tours have been launched. This course covers this exciting Tourism activity for those who are interested and would like to enhance their knowledge and career.

1 Introduction to Cheese Tourism 2 2 7
2 History of Cheese Making 4 8 8
3 Cheese making Process 6 12 10
4 Types of Cheese 6 12 12
5 Cheese Tasting 3 6 8
6 Pairing of Cheese with Wine 4 6 6
7 Popular Cheese Dishes 2 4 5
8 Cheese and Health 3 6 5
9 Cheese Tourism 4 8 8
10 Popular Cheese Tours 6 10 6
11 oundCheese markets ar the world 5 10 5
12 Cheese Festivals 5 10 6
13 Careers in Cheese & Tourism 3 6 0
Total 13 53 100 86

Basic Course in Cheese Tourism

COURSE FEE : INR 6500.00/ USD 100.00


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Basic Course in Cheese Tourism

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